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Stress and anxiety are near constants as you come into adulthood and start becoming a bit more aware of all that goes on in the world. Some may never have problems dealing with them properly as they subconsciously are dealing with their daily stress in different ways. However, for us who are less fortunate or just want to try and stop any stress and anxiety from building up in our lives, there are some things that we can do to try and minimize the anxiety and destress.


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Eating right is one that pretty much helps anything. Eating correctly can make you feel better and make a lot of the other items on this list come more easily and have more of an effect. The right diet may be hard to figure out, but just getting the right amount of fruits and vegetable along with keeping your calories around the right number can have a big effect in just a short amount of time. if you’re unsure of what a healthy diet looks like you can get in tough with a dietician or nutritionist to take a look at your current diet and give you some suggestions. If you aren’t looking to spend a great deal of money you can also do some research on the internet, but be advised that there is a fair deal of conflicting information out there.


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Exercising often and properly is one that can really be helped by your diet. Eating right means you’ll have more energy and so should hopefully feel more inclined to get up and do something when the time comes. Getting something like thirty minutes of high intensity activity in each day can really help you both physically and mentally. Finding an activity that you enjoy, like a team sport or competitive one can be a great way to destress after a long day or week. It can also be the perfect way to socialize with friends in a healthy and active environment.

Finding a group activity that gets you outside and lets you forget about your problems for just a bit is a great way to help with your stress and anxiety. If the outdoor activity helps with getting you active, all the better. If you’re interested in that sort of thing check out some local recreation leagues or start a weekly game with some friends so that you have something to really look forward to each week.


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One last easy way to destress and work through any anxiety is just breathing. With all the fitness trackers and apps out there it is easier than ever to remind yourself to take a few moments every so often to take some breaths and take yourself out of the moment. Adjusting your eyes from a screen, standing up and stretching and taking some deep breaths a few times an hour has been proven to really help your over all well-being. Takins small breaks has even been shown to help your focus throughout the day, leading to better work getting done despite less time being spent.

These three simple tweaks are seemingly small, but can have some big impacts. Eating better is probably the toughest one to change and stick to, but if you can pull it off your body and mind will really thank you.

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